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Sweden's Most Secret Collection

Auction number 1 is published. Browse 1300 lots with cars, parts and signs!

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"Sweden's most secret collection" is published!

Collecting "the unique" is what has driven the seller for decades and the result is magnificent. In the middle of the forest, among hills and mountains, stands one of Sweden's most secret car and motorcycle collections beautifully and carefully placed. The collection consists of about 100 motorcycles, 18 exclusive cars, and an abundance of spare parts. In addition, there is a large collection of unique plastic and enamel signs, hit-and-miss engines, and various items. Everything will be sold.

When will the auction take place?

Due to the large number of lots in the collection, the auction will be divided into two major auction events. A total of 1320 objects will be sold on the first auction. Second auction i september will be similiar but mostly focused on motorcycles and parts. but there will be alot of car parts aswell as different kinds of signs. 

Auction no. 1, Published
Published: 16 of May

Day 1 ends: 31 of May

Day 2 ends: 1st of June

Day 3 ends: 2nd of June

day 4 ends: 3rd of June

Day 5 ends: 4th of june

Auction, time: 15.00 - 21.00 Swedish Time

Auction no. 2, September - Motorcycles and motorcycle-related parts

Approximately 100 motorcycles, hundreds of motorcycle parts, plastic and enamel signs, and workshop inventories.

Do you offer shipping worldwide?

Yes, shipping will be offered worldwide. We are currently working on setting up a clear and simple price list so that you know the shipping costs before placing a bid. It is always free to pick up the items on-site on the delivery day, and free loading help is also offered.

How will the auction take place?

The auction will be divided into several closing days where each category has its own day.

How big is the auction?

We estimate that approximately 1500 lots will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Of the larger objects in the collection, 19 exclusive cars and about 100 motorcycles, including sidecar motorcycles, will be offered. In addition, there is a very large number of car and motorcycle-related spare parts and curiosities.

What is Sajab's mission?

We at Sajab have been given a total mission from organizing to delivering the objects. We are currently working on creating the auction catalog for auction no. 1, so we cannot provide much information about the motorcycle part at the moment.

Why is the collection being sold?

A collection always has a beginning and an end, and the seller has chosen to end his collecting due to old age. Now he hopes that the objects can find their way into a new collection around the world.

This page will be continuously updated with more information and more pictures before the auction release.

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